Kollmorgen S600 Series Drive


S600 Specifications
pdf SynqNet Expansion Card


The S600 is supported in the MPI 03.04.00 and later releases. See Release Notes for more information.

Type Version
MPI Software
03.04.00 or later
Drive Firmware


See the SynqNet Expansion Card for more information.


Drive FPGA Table

Node Type Option Valid FPGAs Name
Kollmorgen S600

For more information, please go to http://www.danahermotion.net



Unable to communicate with the S600 drive over SynqNet

If an S600 drive has an incorrect version of drive firmware, you will not be able to communicate with the drive over SynqNet. To fix the problem, you must download the correct drive firmware to the S600 drive by using the Drive Download Utility. To download correct drive firmware to the S600 drive, please follow the steps below.

Name Version Description
Drive Download Utility - LPT
2.16lpt Utility to download drive firmware.

Drive Firmware*
Firmware S601...620


Firmware version.

* Check the Downloads section for the most recent version.

  1. Download the Drive Download Utility and latest Drive Firmware. See table above.

  2. Follow the instructions described in the Serial Upgrade Procedure (pdf).

Wire Diagram for Serial Download

Serial PC Interface (COM1-4) with standard serial (nullmodem) cable.







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