The sqNodeFlash Utility downloads node/drive images to a SynqNet node/drive. The sqNodeFlash utility can be run either on the host PC or, when an eXMP is being used, on the eXMP itself. When using an eXMP, it is recommended to run the utility from the eXMP and not from the host. When using a host PC, the utility should be run from a DOS window under the XMP\BIN\WINNT folder.

See the Node FPGA Images: Identification Table



At the command line, type one of the following options:
         ex: C:\mei\03.03.00\XMP\bin\WinNT>sqnodeflash

-? Help
-control # Controller number (default = 0)
-server # Name or IP address of the host running server.exe
-port # TCP/IP port on the host computer (default = 3300)
-trace # Bit mask to specify trace information outputs.
-file File to be downloaded.
-drive # Index of the drive relative to the node (default = 0)
-node # Node address on the SynqNet network (default = 0).
-erase Erase the node FPGA.
-lab Disable version checking on file name.
-verify FPGA image is uploaded and verified after download.
-fpgaImage Download the FPGA Image (DEFAULT)
-driveImage Download the Drive Processor Image



C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqnodeflash -file xxx.xx -node 2 -drive 1
C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqnodeflash -file xxx.xx -node 0



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