System Requirements and Limitations

This section provides the system requirements and known limitations for Simulation Server.

System Requirements

Simulation Server is a stand-alone software module that is available for use with MPI 04.00.03 or greater. The following table provides the system requirements for Simulation Server:

System Requirements
MPI 04.00.03 Runtime or Developers Kit (or greater)

MPI 04.00.03 must be installed on the same PC as the simulator.

Note: The MPI Development Kit is required to build an executable program to utilize the simulator.

Hardware PC with x86 CPU or higher.
Windows Operating System Windows XP and Windows Vista supported.


The following table provides the known limitations for Simulation Server.

Known Limitations
Controller Sample Rate

The controller sample rate cannot be changed while running a client application connected to a simulation server.

Server Update Rate

The simulation server update rate is not precise, due to real-time limitations of Windows. To reduce CPU load, simulation server runs in bursts of 20 controller updates, followed by a sleep, to give other applications a chance to run.

Direct Controller Memory address Specifying hard-coded addresses and trying to read and write memory won't work. E.g. you can read UserBuffer[0] if you go through MFWBufferData.UserBuffer.Data[0] but if you try to read the controller memory address 0x002202B8 directly, you will get an error.

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