Software Installation

  1. Install MechaWare by double-clicking MechaWareSetup.exe.
    Click Next at the welcome screen.

  2. MEI recommends performing a Custom software installation. In order to work properly, the MechWare files must be installed in Matlab's root directory. (If you don't install the MechaWare files into your Matlab directory, MechaWare files will not appear in your Matlab work directory.)

    Select Custom and click Next.

    Click Change.

    To ensure that Mechware works with the different versions of Matlab and service packs available, you must manually select the Matlab root directory.

    In our sample version below, the root directory is C:\MATLAB6p5p1\.

    >>HINT-- To find Matlab's root directory, look for a directory that has a similar file/folder structure as the screenshot below.

    Click OK when you have chosen the correct Matlab install directory.

  3. Click Install to continue the installation.

  4. It will take a couple of minutes to copy all of the files and complete the installation. When the installation has been complete, click Finish.

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