Introduction to Pulse (Stepper Motors)

"Pulse" is a common term in the motion control industry for stepper motor support.

SynqNet supports pulse commands for stepper drives and pulse controlled servos with either Step/Dir, CW/CCW, or QuadA/B logic. The controller calculates the command trajectory every sample. When configured for pulse, the controller also calculates the number of pulses, frequency, and initial pulse delay. The pulse command is sent to the node in the cyclic data. The node receives the pulse command and generates the Step/Dir, CW/CCW, or QuadA/B digital outputs. The node sends back the position feedback, which comes from either an encoder or it's internal pulse output counter. The pulse engine handles corrupted packets by keeping track of any missing pulses and compenstating for them throughout the rest of the move. To use pulse, first make sure that your node hardware supports the pulse engine and outputs.


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