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Install Controller


The standard ZMP-SynqNet-PCI motion controller has a "universal" PCI interface, which operates in either 3.3V or 5V signaling backplanes. The 120-pin edge connector plugs into the host PCI bus slot. All motion control I/O is through the RJ-45 and Micro-D connectors on the rear panel.

PN: T015-0001

UL Certification: File# E254128
(see note)

This hardware is for use only with compatible UL listed personal computers that have Installation Instructions detailing user installation of card cage accessories.
View UL Certification.


Install PCB into the host machine

Push the 120-pin edge connector into the mating connector on the host machine.

Below is a photo of an installed ZMP-SynqNet-PCI controller in a standard PCI slot on a CPU.


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