Reports whether the conditions necessary for generating the specified event have been or are being met. Since the status of some events latch, the Status will report if the event's conditions have been met. Since the status of other events are in real-time, the Status will report if the event's conditions are currently being met.

NOTE: Many events have actions associated with them. Event reporting does not have to be enabled in order for these actions to be generated on the controller. In other words, it is possible to not report a node failure event, but to generate an E-STOP command when the node failure event's conditions are met.

 This property cannot be saved to flash memory.

Version History

Introduced in MPX 2.0.


Argument Type Description
Type Status The type of event whose related status bit is being read.


Boolean (read only)

Visual Basic


Property Status(Type As Status) As Boolean

Sample Code


x = Controller.SqNode(3).Status(StatusSynqNetRecovery)

Sample Application






Sample Code


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