mpiSqNodeDownloadUART_RxData(MPIControl control,
                             int32_t       nodeNumber,
                             char       *rxData,
                             int32_t       rxDataSize,
                             int32_t       *rxReceivedCount);


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


mpiSqNodeDownloadUART_RxData method is used for receiving data from node using pipelined receive mode. Network should be ASYNQ mode before calling this method. The UART status of the drive processor is first checked for receive data status. If data is ready to be sent from the UART then pipelined receive mode for data reception is initiated. The number of bytes received successfully from the node is stored in rxReceivedCount.

Control A handle to a control object.
nodeNumber A SynqNet node number.
rxData Pointer to receive data buffer.
rxDataSize Number of bytes to be received.
rxReceivedCount Pointer to store actual number of bytes received.
Return Values