int32_t mpiSqNodeCommand(MPISqNode         node,
                      MPISqNodeCommand  *command,
                      MPISqNodeResponse *response);

Required Header: stdmpi.h


mpiSqNodeCommand sends a service command to a SynqNet node using the data from the structure pointed to by command and writes the response into the structure pointed to by response. Service commands occur across the SynqNet network through a service channel. In SYNQ mode there is one service channel for each node. In ASYNQ mode there is one service channel for all nodes. The controller sends the command and waits for a response using a 4 state handshake. In SYNQ mode the service command data is sent through the cyclic packets, but due to the handshaking, it is not considered a cyclic operation.

For SynqNet nodes that have drive memory interfaces, service commands can be sent to drives. Also, the service commands supports access to drive data memory, program memory, I/O memory, and direct commands. Please see the MPISqNodeCommand{.} and MPISqNodeResponse{.} structures for more information. And be sure to consult the drive's header file in the MPI\include directory, as well as, the drive manufacturer's manual for valid drive addresses.

node a handle to a SynqNet node object
*command a pointer to a SynqNet node command structure
*response a pointer to a SynqNet node response structure
Return Values

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