int32_t mpiSqNodeAnalogIn(MPISqNode     node,
                       int32_t          channel,
                       int32_t          *state);

Required Header: stdmpi.h
Change History: Added in the 03.02.00. mpiSqNodeAnalogIn replaced mpiSqNodeAnalogInput.


mpiSqNodeAnalogIn gets the current state of an analog input on a SynqNet node.

NOTE: mpiSqNodeAnalogIn replaced mpiSqNodeAnalogInput in the MPI library.

node a handle to a SynqNet node object.
channel the index of the analog input channel (with respect to the node).
*state a pointer to where the current state of the input is written by this function.
Return Values

Sample Code

The following MPI code reads the current state of the first analog input on Node 2:

int32_t x;
mpiSqNodeAnalogIn( sqNode2, 0, &x );

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