typedef struct MPISqNodeConfigControlLatency {
double minimum; /* uS - if > 0, this will insure a minimum latency value */ double maximum; /* uS - if > 0, an error will occur if this value is exceeded */ } MPISqNodeConfigControlLatency;

Change History: Added in the 03.04.00.


MPISqNodeConfigControlLatency is a structure that contains boundary values that ensure that the node’s Control Latency falls within a given range. The SynqNet configuration can be read with mpiSqNodeConfigGet(...) and can be written with mpiSqNodeConfigSet(...).

minimum Lower limit for the control latency configuration. This will ensure that a minimum node control latency will be used in the SynqNet timing calculations. Set to zero to disable minimum node control latency.
maximum Upper limit for the control latency configuration. This will force mpiSynqNetInit(...) to return MPISynqNetMessageNODE_LATENCY_EXCEEDED if this value is exceeded. Set to zero to disable maximum node control latency check.

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