mpiSequenceCreate(MPISequence   *sequence,
                  MPIControl    control,
                  int32_t          number,
                  int32_t          pageSize);


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Modified in 04.00.


mpiSequenceCreate creates a Sequence object associated with the program sequencer identified by number located on motion controller (control). SequenceCreate is the equivalent of a C++ constructor.

*sequence A pointer to a sequence object handle
control A control object handle.
number Number is the identifying index of the sequence object created with mpiSequenceCreate(...). There is a maximum of MPIControlMAX_OBJECTS sequences on the controller. Be sure that enough Sequence objects are enabled on the controller. You can change the number of enabled Sequence objects with the sequenceCount element, using mpiControlConfigGet /mpiControlConfigSet, MPIControlConfig. If number is -1, SequenceCreate selects the next unused program sequencer. If this is the first use of the program sequencer, then SequenceCreate will attempt to allocate pageSize firmware command slots.
pageSize PageSize is the number of steps in a sequence. Normally you specify the number of sequence steps with pageSize. If pageSize is -1, SequenceCreate will allocate all remaining firmware command slots, which may prevent any more Sequence objects from being created.
Return Values

See Also

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