MPI 04.00 Reference>>mpiNotify



mpiNotifyCreate(mpiNotify     *notify,
                MPIEventMask  mask,
                MPIHandle     source);


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Modified in 04.00.


mpiNotifyCreate creates a Notify object that will accept event notifications for the events that are specified in mask. The source argument specifies the initial element in the list of event sources, from which event notification will be accepted. If source is NULL, then event notification will be accepted from all event sources. NotifyCreate is the equivalent of a C++ constructor.

*notify A pointer to a notify object.
mask An event mask, whose bits are defined by the MPIEventType enumeration.
source A handle to an object. Determines which object the notify object sets the event masks for event generation.  If NULL, the event masks for ALL objects are set.
Return Values
handle to a Notify object.
MPIHandleVOID if the object could not be created.

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