typedef enum MPIGeometricPathPlanType {
	MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeINVALID = -1,
	MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeTRAP    = 0x0,     /* default */
	MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeSCURVE  = 0x1,   /* for PVT only */
	MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeFIRST   = MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeINVALID + 1,
} MPIGeometricPathPlanType;


MPIGeometricPathPlanType specifies the type of velocity profile for the path planner to calculate. The SCURVE plan type is only applicable for PVT interpolation.

MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeTRAP – Trapezoidal velocity profile is applied during path acceleration, deceleration, and blending between path sections.  This is the default type.

MPIGeometricPathPlanTypeSCURVE – Scurve velocity profile is applied during blending between path sections for lines and arcs.  Scurve velocity profile is also applied during path line acceleration and deceleration, when the first and/or last section is a line.  Scurve is not applied to the arc path acceleration or deceleration, when the first and/or last section is an arc.
If your application requires 3rd order acceleration or deceleration with an arc that is the first or last path section, then use a line to lead-in and lead-out the path or use BSpline interpolation.

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