typedef struct MPIUserLimitConditionDriveMonitor {
    long                        motorNumber;
    MPISqNodeMonitorValueIndex  monitor;
    long                        value;
    MPIUserLimitLogic           logic;
    MPI_BOOL                    isSigned;  /* perform a signed comparison? */
} MPIUserLimitConditionDriveMonitor;


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


MPIUserLimitConditionDriveMonitor represents a drive monitor condition’s data for a user limit’s trigger.

motorNumber The number of the motor whose associated drive’s monitor is used for the trigger condition.
monitor The monitor that will be used for the trigger condition.
value The value to which the user buffer value will be compared.
logic The logic used to compare the monitor value to the value member.

If logic is MPIUserLimitLogicGT, then the condition will evaluate true when the monitor value is greater than the value member.
isSigned Indicates whether the values being compared are signed or unsigned values. TRUE indicates signed values. FALSE indicates unsigned values.

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