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The MPI Control Event Service is responsible for the collection and distribution of host notifications of firmware events. An application often needs to be notified of events that take place on the motion controller. Events include normal motion completion, motion limits being reached, hardware failure, etc. The Event methods enable your application to request host notification of certain types of events, while ignoring other types of events. Some events are latched, in which case your application must reset the event before the event can be triggered again.

Method Description
mpiObjectEventNotifyGet(...) Get event mask used for host notification
mpiObjectEventNotifySet(...) Set event mask to request host notification of events
mpiObjectEventNotifyReset(...) Reset event notification


Use EventNotifyGet to return an MPIEventMask, which has a bit set for each type of event that host notification has been requested for, by the object.


Use EventNotifySet to request host notification for each type of event specified in the MPIEventMask argument.


Use EventNotifyReset to reset each type of event specified in the MPIEventMask argument.

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