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An object's configuration is static information that may be read and written, and an object retains its configuration until an application changes it. To configure an MPI object, you use a Config structure that is specific to each object.

To configure an MPI object, get the current Config from the motion controller by calling the ConfigGet method. Modify the Config structure as desired, and then send it back to the motion controller by calling the ConfigSet method.

MPIObjectConfig{} Structure

An object's configuration structure contains all of the configurable items for that object. To configure an object, your application must declare a variable of type MPIObjectConfig{}. Note that some Config structures are very large, so if you declare a Config structure on a small stack, your application might encounter problems. A pointer to a Config structure is passed to the Config methods.

Configuration Methods

Root Method .
ConfigGet mpiObjectConfigGet(...) Fill configuration structures with current motion controller configuration
ConfigSet mpiObjectConfigSet(...) Change current motion controller configuration

mpiObjectConfigGet(...) / mpiObjectConfigSet(...)

The mpiObjectConfig( ) structure is meant to illustrate how objects are configured. Please swap the object you are interested in for the the object to configure. For example, mpiObjectConfigSet( ) shows the naming convention that mpiAxisConfigGet( ) follows.

Use the Get method to fill the configuration structures with the current motion controller configuration for the object.

Use the Set method to change the current motion controller configuration for the object. (The Set method uses the configuration structures to do that.)

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