Motor Brake (brake enable/disable delay)

The Brake feature sets the User Output (one per motor) to an active state when the Amp Enable output is disabled and sets the User Output to an inactive state when the Amp Enable is enabled. The Brake feature also supports specifiable delay times between the Amp Enable/Disable and User Output logic.

The following data structure has been added to the motor.h header file to support the Brake feature.

Data Structure

typedef enum{ 
     MPIMotorBrakeModeINVALID = -1,
MPIMotorBrakeModeFIRST = MPIMotorBrakeModeINVALID + 1
} MPIMotorBrakeMode; typedef struct MPIMotorBrake {
MPIMotorBrakeMode mode;
float applyDelay;
float releaseDelay; } MPIMotorBrake;

Description of Members

mode - set to MPIMotorBrakeModeNONE for no brake, set to MPIMotorBrakeModeDELAY for use brake feature specified delays.

applyDelay - specifies the delay (seconds) between when the brake is active and the amp enable is disabled.

releaseDelay - specifies the delay (seconds) between when the amp enable is enabled and the brake is inactive.

The following diagrams further explain how the Brake Enable/Disable Delay feature works:

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