Move Metrics


typedef struct {
	double	MoveTime;
	double	ElapsedTime;
	long	FinalTime;
	long	Overshoot;
	long	Direction;
	long	Delay;
	long	DelayCount;
	long	Reserved[1];
} MFWMetrics;


The axis metrics contain data about the current executing move.

The overshoot is monitored from the end of commanded motion until the start of the next move's commanded motion or until DelayCount has reached Delay, whichever comes first.

These values are changed cyclically. Be sure to read them at an appropriate time.

Please check Controller Firmware to verify whether or not your firmware supports this feature.

MoveTime The time the motion will take in servo samples.
ElapsedTime The time elapsed since the motion started (in servo samples).
FinalTime 0 - while the commanded motion is taking place.
0 - during the delay preceding a motion (if one is used).
1 - during the settling period after the commanded motion.
Overshoot The largest overshoot of the actual position past the commanded position during the duration set by Delay in counts.
Direction 1 - for a move in the positive direction.
-1 - for a move in the positive direction.
Delay This value defaults to zero. If this value is set, the firmware will keep track of the maximum position overshoot (actual position > commanded position) for Delay servo samples.
DelayCount A counter that starts at the end of the commanded motion and counts up to Delay in servo samples.