typedef struct MEISqNodeMonitorConfigInfo{
MEISqNodeDriveMonitorDataType type;
long value;
const char *description;
} MEISqNodeMonitorConfigInfo;
  Change History: Added in the 03.04.00.


MEISqNodeMonitorConfigInfo is a structure that contains information about the configurable monitor field data. This structure is useful for determining the monitor selection type, its selection value, and a brief text description. The monitor field data is SynqNet drive-specific. Not all drives support monitors.

NOTE: SynqNet RMBs (Remote Motion Blocks) or I/O nodes do not support monitors.


Monitor field data is selected by an index (MEISqNodeDriveMonitorDataTypeINDEX) or a drive address (MEISqNodeDriveMonitorDataTypeADDRESS).


Monitor index or drive address to select the monitor field data.


A string to describe the monitor field data.

Sample Code

MEISqNodeDriveMonitorInfo monInfo;

returnValue =
&monInfo); printf("\nMonitor Configurations:\n");
if(monInfo.configCount) {
for(i = 0; i < monInfo.configCount; i++) {
if(monInfo.configInfo[i].type == MEISqNodeDriveMonitorDataTypeINDEX) {
printf("\r\r Index %d", monInfo.configInfo[i].value);
else {
printf("\r\r Drive address 0x%x", monInfo.configInfo[i].value);
printf(" %s\n",monInfo.configInfo[i].description);
else {
printf("Monitors are not Configurable.\n");

See Also

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