typedef struct MEISqNodeDriveMonitorInfo{
long monitorCount;
MEISqNodeMonitorLocation location[MEISqNodeMonitorValueIndexLAST]; long configCount;
const MEISqNodeMonitorConfigInfo *configInfo; /* array of configuration information of size configCount, this info is drive specific */
} MEISqNodeDriveMonitorInfo;
  Change History: Added in the 03.04.00.


MEISqNodeDriveMonitorInfo is a structure that contains information about the monitor fields. This structure is useful for determining the number of supported monitor fields, their locations and how to decode them. It is also useful for determining the number of configurable monitor field data inputs and the reading the monitor data-specific information. The monitor field data is SynqNet drive-specific. Not all drives support monitors.

NOTE: SynqNet RMBs (Remote Motion Blocks) or I/O nodes do not support monitors.


the number of supported monitor fields.


an array of MEISqNodeMonitorLocation structures, with length equal to the monitorCount. Each MEISqNodeMonitorLocation structure contains information to decode each monitor field.


the number of configurable monitor field data inputs.


a pointer to an array of MEISqNodeMonitorConfigInfo structures, with length equal to configCount. Each MEISqNodeMonitorConfigInfo structure contains information about the configurable monitor field data.

Sample Code

MEISqNodeDriveMonitorInfo monInfo;

returnValue =
meiSqNodeDriveMonitorInfo(sqNode, driveIndex,
&monInfo); if(returnValue == MPIMessageOK && monInfo.monitorCount) {
printf("Monitor Information:\n");
printf("\rAvailable Monitors A");
if(monInfo.monitorCount > 1) {
printf(", B");
if(monInfo.monitorCount > 2) {
printf(", C");
} if(monInfo.configCount) {
printf("\nMonitor Configurations:\n");
for(i = 0; i < monInfo.configCount; i++) {
if(monInfo.configInfo[i].type == MEISqNodeDriveMonitorDataTypeINDEX)
printf("\r\r Index %d", monInfo.configInfo[i].value);
else {
printf("\r\r Drive address 0x%x", monInfo.configInfo[i].value);
printf(" %s\n",monInfo.configInfo[i].description);

See Also

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