mpiMotorIoSet (Deprecated)

mpiMotorIoSet was moved to meiDeprecated.h in the 03.02.00 MPI software release.


long  mpiMotorIoSet(MPIMotor    motor,
MPIMotorIo *io);
  Required Header: stdmei.h


mpiMotorIoSet sets a Motor’s (motor) dedicated I/O bits using data from the structure pointed to by io.

NOTE: When using I/O on SynqNet nodes, use the motor I/O masks in the drive's header file for clearer code. Most SynqNet nodes have a header file that defines things that are specific to that drive. The header files are found in C:\mei\XMP\sqNodeLib\include. An example is shown below that reads the hall sensors from the Trust TA802.

	Shows the hall sensors.
	Make sure you include trust_ta800.h. Ex:
	#include "C:\mei\XMP\sqNodeLib\include\trust_ta800.h"

	The hall sensor masks are found in the enum TA800MotorIoMask.

void showHalls(MPIMotor motor)
    MPIMotorIo io;
      long returnValue;
      long a, b, c;
      while (meiPlatformKey(MPIWaitPOLL) <= 0)
         returnValue = mpiMotorIoGet(motor, &io);
         a = ((io.input & TA800MotorIoMaskHALL_A) == TA800MotorIoMaskHALL_A);
         b = ((io.input & TA800MotorIoMaskHALL_B) == TA800MotorIoMaskHALL_B);
         c = ((io.input & TA800MotorIoMaskHALL_C) == TA800MotorIoMaskHALL_C);

         /* Prints a 1 or 0 indicating the hall state */
         printf("Hall A %d B %d C %d\t\t\r", a, b, c);



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