typedef struct MEISynqNetConfig {
    MEISynqNetRecoveryMode   recoveryMode;
    MEISynqNetCableLength    cableLength[MEISynqNetCableHOP_COUNT];
} MEISynqNetConfig;


MEISynqNetConfig contains configurations for the network's fault recovery mode and the network's cable lengths. The SynqNet configuration can be read with meiSynqNetConfigGet(...) and can be written with meiSynqNetConfigSet(...).


A enumerated value representing the network's fault recovery response mode.


An array of cable lengths. Range for cable lengths is 0 to 100 meters.

This structure is provided to allow the user application to specify minimum, maximum, and nominal values to use network scheduling equations. Setting a minimum and maximum value will also enable cable length checking at network initialization time. If measured cable lengths fall outside the range defined by the minimum and maximum values, network initialization will fail with a return value of MEISynqNetMessageCABLE_LENGTH_MISMATCH.

By default, the values in this structure are zero. Most applications will not need to modify these defaults.

NOTE: The network topology must be saved before changing these values in Flash memory. These values will also be cleared when network topology is cleared using meiSynqNetFlashTopologyClear(...).

See Also

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Cable Length


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