long meiPlatformMemorySet64(MEIPlatform  platform,
                            void         *dst, 
                            const void   *src)
  Required Header: stdmei.h
Change History: Added in the 03.04.00


meiPlatformMemorySet64 sets (writes) 8 bytes of application memory (starting at address src) to platform memory (starting at address dst).

This function should be used to set/write any 64-bit data to the controller. This function can take up to one foreground cycle to complete. This function will take a platform lock blocking all other tasks from accessing the controller.

platform the handle to the controller's platform object.
dst address of data (in host space) on the controller to be written.
src address of host data storage area. Storage MUST be two words (64 bits).
MPIMessageFATAL_ERROR The platform type does not exist.

Sample Code

MEIInt64 newTargetPos;

returnValue = meiPlatformMemoryGet64(axis->platform,
&axis->Axis->TC.CommandPosition); if (returnValue == MPIMessageOK) {
returnValue = meiPlatformMemorySet64(axis->platform,
&axis->Axis->TC.TargetPosition, &newTargetPos);

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