meiMotorDemandModeSet(MPIMotor motor, 
MEIMotorDemandMode mode)

Required Header: stdmei.h
Change History:
Added in 03.04.07


meiMotorDemandModeSet changes the specified motor’s demand mode to the specified mode. For a detailed explanation of how demand modes work, see SynqNet Demand Modes.

This function duplicates part of the functionality of mpiMotorConfigSet, but unlike that function, meiMotorDemandModeSet allows the demand mode to be changed while the motor’s amplifier is enabled.

motor A handle to the motor object.
mode The new demand mode for the motor.

Return Values




MEIMotorMessageDEMAND_MODE_UNSUPPORTED The motor does not support the specified demand mode.

Sample Code

Please see the demandModeSwitch.c sample application for an example use of this method.

See Also

MEIMotorDemandMode | mpiMotorConfigSet | meiMotorDemandModeGet | MEIMotorConfig

SynqNet Demand Modes | SynqNet Demand Mode Switching


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