typedef enum {

} MEIFlashMessage;


MEIFlashMessage lists the error messages returned by the MEIFlash module.

  The flash object is not valid. This message code is returned by meiFlashMemoryFromFile(...), meiFlashMemoryFromFileType(...), meiFlashMemoryToFile(...), or meiFlashMemoryVerify(...) if the flash object's memory cache has not been allocated. The flash memory cache is allocated in mpiFlashCreate(...). To prevent this problem, create flash objects with mpiFlashCreate(...) and check the return value.
  The flash memory verify failed. This message code is returned by meiFlashMemoryVerify(...) if the read from flash memory does not match the read from the file. This indicates that the specified flash file is different from the flash memory. This message code can also be returned from meiFlashMemoryFromFile(...), since it calls meiFlashMemoryVerify(...). To correct this problem, first check that the specified file is the one you intended. If the specified file is correct, use meiFlashMemoryFromFile(...) to download the file.

The flash memory write failed. This message code is returned by meiFlashMemoryFromFile(...) or meiFlashMemoryFromFileType(...) if the flash memory write fails. This indicates a problem in the flash memory component or subsystem.

  The flash file path is too long. This message code is returned by meiFlashMemoryFromFile(...) if the file path is longer than MEIFlashFileMaxPathChars. To correct this problem, use a shorter path.

The network topology has not been saved to flash. This message code is returned by object flash config set methods if the network topology has not been previously saved to flash. This message code serves as a warning of a potential safety problem. Saving object configurations to flash will cause those values to be sent to nodes during the next network intialization, even if the flash configurations are not compatible with the network topology. If the network topology is saved to flash, then the controller will automatically verify the topology before sending object configuration values to the nodes.

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