typedef struct MPIEventStatus {
    MPIEventType   type;
    void           *source;
    long           info[MPIEventStatusINFO_COUNT_MAX];
} MPIEventStatus;


MPIEventStatus holds information about a particular event that was generated by the XMP.

type identifies the type of event that was generated.
*source identifies what the source of the event was. source will either be a handle to an MPI object or a host pointer. Use mpiObjectModuleId() to identify what source points to.
info Contains information on what generated the event and the conditions under which it was generated. MEIEventStatusInfo simplifies decoding this array. Sample code is shown on the MEIEventStatusInfo page.

See Also

mpiObjectModuleId | MPIEventType | MPIEventMgr | MPINotify | MEIEventStatusInfo | MPIEventStatusINFO_COUNT_MAX


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