long  meiControlRecorderStatus(MPIControl          control,
long recorderNumber, MPIRecorderStatus *status);
  Required Header: stdmei.h
Change History: Added in the 03.03.00


meiControlRecorderStatus allows the recorder status to be read without actually creating a recorder object.

This is useful to help determine whether or not a recorder is abandoned. An abandoned recorder will usually not be running, yet will still be reserved. Another hint that a recorder is abandoned, is an enabled recorder that is full. This sort of behavior is what happens when a program crashes that has a recorder operating.

control a handle to the Control object.
recorderNumber the index of the recorder object.
*status a pointer to the recorder's status structure.
Return Values
MPIMessageARG_INVALID If recorderNumber is less than 0, greater than MPIRecorderRECORDERS_MAX, or if *status == NULL.

See Also

meiControlRecorderCancel | mpiRecorderDelete | mpiRecorderCreate



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