long mpiAxisConfigSet(MPIAxis       axis,
                      MPIAxisConfig *config,
                      void          *external)
  Required Header: stdmpi.h
Change History: Modified in the 03.03.00


mpiAxisConfigSet sets the configuration of an Axis (axis) using data from the structure pointed to by config, and also using data from the implementation-specific structure pointed to by external (if external is not NULL).

The configuration information in external is in addition to the configuration information in config, i.e, the configuration information in config and in external is not the same information. Note that config or external can be NULL (but not both NULL).

The MEIXmpAxisGear firmware feature only supports servo motor types. The axis gear feature does not support step motor types.

axis a handle to an Axis object.
*config pointer to the MPIAxisConfig structure
*external pointer to an external. See remarks below
Return Values  


For XMP and ZMP controllers, external either points to a structure of type MEIAxisConfig{} or is NULL.

See Also

mpiAxisConfigGet | MEIAdcConfig | MEIAxisConfig


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