Quick Start Guide
ZMP-SynqNet Controller

Motion Console

Map the Axes


Click on the button to open the Motion Supervisor window and click the Actions tab. Before you can control and move a motor, it must first be mapped to a Motion Supervisor. If the buttons are faded out under the Actions tab (shown below), it means that no axes have been mapped (assigned) to a Motion Supervisor.

To use the default mapping of axes (map Axis 0 to Motion Supervisor ) click on the Config tab and Shift + Left-Click on the Axis Map button. This will automatically map Axis 0 to Motion Supervisor 0.

Then click Yes to configure the default mapping.


Under the Actions tab, click the Zero Position Button to reset the position so that the current position is zero. Then click the Clear Fault Button. You cannot move a motor if there are any errors that have not been cleared out. Be sure that the State under the Status tab shows Idle.


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