Quick Start Guide
ZMP-SynqNet Controller

Safety Warnings

During installation, solid electrical contact must be ensured at connectors; otherwise, noise and power problems will develop. (Connections should be verified through inspection and testing.)

Standard safety rules prevail during installation of any hardware. Some are summarized below for the ZMP. For more information, refer to local occupational safety regulations and the manufacturer of your motion drive.

Turn Off All Power Before Installing Equipment

Before installing any motion control equipment, including ZMP controllers, power should be switched OFF. Unplug all power plugs from their sources of power.

Observe ESD Precautions

To prevent damage to controller and drive electronics due to electrostatic discharge (ESD), service personnel are cautioned to observe proper grounding during handling of components.

Grounding straps should be worn at all times when handling ZMP-SynqNet electrical components and connection hardware.


Define and Clear a Safety Zone!

During installation and testing of motion control hardware-software, a safety zone should be defined around moving components and kept clear of personnel, hands, fingers and loose hardware. During repowering of the system, motion control components may behave erratically due to misconnected lines, or wrongly configured software settings. Sudden and unexpected moves by components can cause injury, property damage, or even death!

Under NO circumstances, should a motion system be tested or operated while personnel are within the safety zone.

Additionally, beware of flying debris from unsecured hardware operating at high speeds. The use of safety shielding is highly recommended.

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