Quick Start Guide
XMP-SynqNet Controller

Motion Console

Tune the Servo Control Loop

After you have verified the hardware setup of the SynqNet Network and Mapped the Axes, you can now tune the servo control loop in order to make a move.

Click on the button to open the Motion Supervisor Summary window.

Verify that the Motion Type is set to Trapezoidal under the Config tab.

Go to the Actions tab and click the Clear Fault Button.

Click on the button to open the Filter Summary window.

Verify that the Algorithm is set to PID under the Config tab.

Go to the Coeffs tab and select PID from the Algorithm drop-down menu.

Before entering any tuning parameters, find out what are safe tuning parameters to use. Otherwise, you may damage your motors.

For our example we will use the following parameters:

Example Parameters Only
(Not to be used for every system)
  •  800 for Proportional Gain (Kp)
  •  8 for Integral Gain (Ki)
  •  1,200 for Derivative Gain (Kd)
  •  10,000 for Integrator Maximum
      at Rest (IMaxRest)

Save to Flash

After you have entered the Filter parameters, it is a good idea to save the parameters to Flash memory. (Motor Summary settings cannot be saved to flash memory.) To save all of your settings to the controller's flash memory, open the Controller Summary window, click the Save to Flash button and then click the Add All Sub-Objects button.


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