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QMP-SynqNet Controller

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Check Node Information

Click on the button to view the SqNode Summary window. This window provides specific information about the nodes installed on the system. SynqNet finds the nodes in the order that
they are connected. The hardware setup used for this example had one node. Therefore, the
SqNode Summary Window displays one node: SqNode 0. This window also displays the address information of each node.

TIP: Before proceeding, it is helpful to first minimize the Motion Console window.


Some of the Link LEDs on my node/drive are not ON...

If the Link LEDs are not turned ON, verify that the drive has power. If the drive has power and
Link LEDs are not ON, disconnect and reconnect the connector.

If the LEDs are not ON and the power is verified, check that the cables are connected to the right ports.

If the Link LEDs still do not turn ON, the power is verified, and the connections are correct,
replace the cable. Another way of verifying if the cable is bad is to switch the cables. If the ports'
LEDs light up with one cable and not with the other, then that cable is bad. Also, after the cables have been replaced, be sure to reset the controller in order to reinitialize the network.

For more information about the locations and meanings of LEDs please see the Controller LEDs and Node LEDs sections.

The RMB/SynqNet Node does not work straight from the box...

All RMB nodes are supplied without any FPGA image and will need to be programmed before being used. Proceed to the next step, Download Node FPGAs.

A node is improperly ordered...

SynqNet finds the nodes in the order that they are connected. If a node is improperly ordered, retrace the wiring from the controller to the last node. Use the serial number and address information, or use the drive identification information (model number, serial number, address, etc) to determine if a node is not in the correct order. If the same node types are improperly ordered, the problem can be found during motor feedback verification.

SynqNet initialized successfully, but all of the nodes were not found...

SynqNet only displays the nodes which are found on the network. The most common cause of a node not being found is a result of a bad cable connection or a bad cable. The first step is to verify that the LEDs on the SynqNet In/Out ports are ON. If they are not on, disconnect and reconnect the connector. If the LEDs still do not turn ON, replace the cable.


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