SQIO-DIN32DOUT32: Outputs

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  • The digital outputs are arranged in banks of 8.

  • Each bank has its own common connection and each output bank is collectively isolated from the other output banks.

  • Outputs have free-wheeling diodes and can therefore drive inductive loads.

  • Outputs can be connected for current sourcing only.

  • The output rating cannot be increased by parallel connection.

  • There is no short-circuit protection.

  • Direct drive of pneumatic solenoids and relays of an appropriate rating.

  • If a node or network has multiple SQIO-DIN32DOUT32 modules, the output update process take place simultaneously on all board modules.

Maximum output current
Output voltage drop @ full load


The digital inputs are arranged in 4 banks of 8. Each bank has its own common connection. The inputs can be configured for either current sinking or current sourcing.

Current Sourcing

Diagram below shows current sourcing connection to an output bank (only two outputs shown).

Connection to an output bank (only two outputs shown)



For pinout information, see the following pages.

Inputs: P4, P5
Outputs: P2, P3


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