Kollmorgen DASA Drive


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Firmware Information

Current Version
Release Date
Revision History
Feb 21 2006


Drive FPGA Table

Node Type Option Valid FPGAs Name


Drive Monitor: Monitoring Real-time Data from Drive

Some data from the drive is not part of the standard MEI I/O. Although, it can be monitored in real-time from the drive. For more information on how to monitor real-time data from the drive, see Drive Monitor.

List of real-time monitor fields. This is a partial list of supported fields. Consult your drive manual for a complete list.

  • U Phase Current
  • V Phase Current
  • W Phase Current
  • Actual Torque
  • Analog Input 0
  • Analog Input 1
  • Analog Input 2
  • Analog Input 3
  • Analog Input 4
  • Analog Input 5
  • Bus Voltage
  • Drive Temperature

Drive Monitor Table

/* kollmorgen_dasa.h */

 *  Drive Monitor Table
typedef enum DASAMonitorIndex {
    DASAMonitorIndexU_PHASE_CURRENT    =  0,
    DASAMonitorIndexV_PHASE_CURRENT    =  1,
    DASAMonitorIndexW_PHASE_CURRENT    =  2,
    DASAMonitorIndexACTUAL_TORQUE      =  10,
    DASAMonitorIndexANALOG_IN0         =  30,
    DASAMonitorIndexANALOG_IN1         =  31,
    DASAMonitorIndexANALOG_IN2         =  32,
    DASAMonitorIndexANALOG_IN3         =  33,
    DASAMonitorIndexANALOG_IN4         =  34,
    DASAMonitorIndexANALOG_IN5         =  35,
    DASAMonitorIndexBUS_VOLTAGE        =  36,
    DASAMonitorIndexDRIVE_TEMP         =  37,
} DASAMonitorIndex;

Info Structure

/* kollmorgen_dasa.h */

 *	Drive Info Structure 
typedef struct DASADriveInfo {
    long dicont;    /* continuous rated current for drive*/
    long dipeak;    /* peak rated current of the drive*/
    long imax;      /* max current for the motor drive combination*/
    long pwmfrq;    /* PWM frequency*/
    long ver;       /* indicates the version of drive firmware to use*/
} DASADriveInfo;

Config Structure

/* kollmorgen_dasa.h */

 *	Drive Config Structure 
typedef struct DASADriveConfig {
    long mipeak;     /* Sets the motor's peak rated current*/
    long micont;     /* Sets the motor's continuous rated current*/
    long mspeed;     /* Defines the maximum recommended velocity of the Motor*/
    long mkt;        /* Motor torque constant*/
    long mencres;    /* Displays the resolution of the motor encoder in number
                        of lines per revolution of the motor*/
    long menctype;   /* Motor encoder type*/
    long mencoff;    /* Sets the encoder index position*/
    long mlmin;      /* Sets the motor's minimum line-to-line inductance*/
    long mphase;     /* Defines the encoder phase relative to the "standard"
                        commutation table*/
    long mpoles;     /* Sets the number of motor poles*/
    long mbemfcomp;  /* Sets a back EMF compensation percentage value*/
    long mlgainc;    /* Sets the current loop adaptive gain value at continuous
                        motor current*/
    long mlgainp;    /* Sets the current loop adaptive gain value at peak
                        motor current*/
    long mtanglc;    /* Sets the value of the torque-related commutation angle
                        advance at the motor's continuous current rating*/
    long mtanglp;    /* Sets the value of the torque-related commutation angle
                        advance at the motor's peak current*/
    long mvanglf;    /* Sets the value of the velocity-rated commutation angle
                        advance for when the motor is operating at motor max speed*/
    long mvanglh;    /* Sets the value of vel-rated commutation angle advance for
                        when the motor is operating at half of the motor max speed*/
    long mhinva;     /* HALL A inversion*/
    long mhinvb;     /* HALL B inversion*/
    long mhinvc;     /* HALL C inversion*/
    long vbus;       /* Sets the drive bus voltage*/
    long ilim;       /* Sets the application current limit*/
    long icont;      /* Sets the system continuous current*/
    long vlim;       /* Sets the application velocity limit.*/
    long mfbdir;     /* Motor & feedback direction.*/



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