Expansions and Add-ons

Some XMP controllers may be enhanced with additional hardware. These include:

Expansion boards
These expand the number of axes run by a controller by adding up to two motion blocks for a total of 16 axes. Unlike main boards, expansion boards do not contain SHARC DSP processors. They are available for XMP-PCI and XMP-CPCI-6U form factors only (not available for XMP-CPCI-3U and XMP-SERCOS-PMC controllers). An expanded XMP-CPCI-6U controller is shown below.

SIM4 modules
Scale Interpolation Modules (SIMs) are mounted mezzanine-style to motion controllers that use encoders with sinusoidal outputs. These enhance positional resolution significantly and are available for XMP-PCI and XMP-CPCI-6U controllers only. A maximum of two SIM4 modules may be added to each main or expansion board. A SIM4 module is shown below with an XMP-PCI controller.

For detailed information regarding SIM4 modules, please refer to SIM4 Option from Motion Engineering.


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