MPI VxWorks Package Documentation

Welcome to the MPI VxWorks Support Package documentation. The MPI VxWorks distribution was built and tested using Tornado II. This document provides an overview of the release and describes the new features and changes from the standard WinNT MPI software releases. Each MPI VxWorks distribution has a particular revision and can only be used with a standard, WinNT MPI release of the identical revision.

Current Version
Tornado II
MPI Library
Supported Products

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
    1. VxWorks System Requirements
    2. Features
    3. Release Notes
  2. Installation
    1. Board Support Package
    2. MPI VxWorks Package
    3. MechaWare VxWorks Package
  3. Operation
    1. Booting the Target System
    2. Loading the MPI Library Object Modules
    3. Host/Client Communication between Win32 and VxWorks Applications
    4. Running Multiple Instances of server.o on Multiple Controllers
  4. Appendix
    1. VxWorks XMP Support Utilities



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