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    New Features
      Version 02.00.00
Precision Parameters for X and Y Axis Labels - 661
      Version 02.00.00
Tab Navigation Does Not Work As Expected In Motion Scope - 1457

New Features


  Precision Parameters for X and Y Axis Labels
    Reference Number: 661
    Type: New Feature
    Motion Scope Version: 02.00.00
Precision parameters for X and Y axis labels are now available through:
– Trace Edit dialog for Y axis labels
– Pane Display Settings for X axis labels
In addition to the axis labels, these apply to the Ctrl-LMB cross-hair values display.

The precision values default to 9 for 32-bit and 20 for 64-bit data types.
These values persist from session to session in the initialization settings.

The precision value supplied in the dialogs is an integer and specifies the parameter to be supplied in the printf() calls using the "%.*g" parameter.

The meaning of the "%g" data type parameters is: Signed value printed in f or e format, whichever is more compact for the given value and precision. The e format is used only when the exponent of the value is less than –4 or greater than or equal to the precision argument. Trailing zeros are truncated, and the decimal point appears only if one or more digits follow it.

The meaning of precision in this context is The precision specifies the maximum number of significant digits printed.

Unfortunately, the precision parameter is not applied to the control bars which display the YScale, YOffset, XRange, and XOffset. These use the default precisions described above.



  Tab Navigation Does Not Work As Expected In Motion Scope
    Reference Number: 1457
    Type: Limitation
    Motion Scope Version: 02.00.00
When the Traces button is chosen from the main window, the tab key cannot be used to navigate to different controls. For this same dialog box, arrow-key navigation does not work.

For the dialog box accessible by using Traces -> Select Traces Set Window -> New -> Choose New Trace Type Window -> All Others (User Defined), two tabs are needed to navigate to the next control when the next control is in a different group box.

The Edit trace group transition from Data type to Auto scale box needs only one tab while other boxes need two tabs.

Pane Display settings Label precision can never be reached by tabbing.

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