The sqTopologySave Utility rediscovers the current network topology, saves the topology to XMP flash memory, and then resets the network.

For safety reasons, saving topogy to flash will clear out some XMP object configurations (including Block, Motor, and Capture objects).


At the command line, type one of the following options:
         ex: C:\mei\03.03.00\XMP\bin\WinNT>sqTopologySave -control 2

-? Help
-control # Controller number (default = 0)
-server # Name or IP address of the host running server.exe
-port # TCP/IP port on the host computer (default = 3300)
-trace # Bit mask to specify trace information outputs.
-clear Clear the network topology information from flash memory.
-info Tells you if the topology has been saved to flash memory.
      - SynqNet topology is saved to flash.
      - SynqNet topology in flash is clear.


C:\Mei\03.03.00\xmp\bin\WinNT>sqTopologySave -control 2



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