The sqDriveConfig Utility is used to upload, change, and download a drive's parameters. Whereas the sqDriveParam utility is useful for changing one drive parameter at a time, the sqDriveConfig utility loads all of the drive's parameters.

For more information, see SynqNet Drive Parameters.



At the command line, type any of the following options:
         ex: C:\mei\03.03.00\XMP\bin\WinNT>sqdriveconfig

-? Help
-control # Controller number (default = 0)
-server # Name or IP address of the host running server.exe
-port # TCP/IP port on the host computer (default = 3300)
-trace # Bit mask to specify trace information outputs.
-node # SynqNet Node address.
-drive # Drive Index relative to the node.
-motor # Motor number associated with the drive.
-get Copy drive parameters from drives to this file. If a filename is specified that does not exist already exist, one will be automatically created with that filename.
-set Copy drive parameters from this file to the drives.
-store The flag forces a call to the save parameter function independent of the -get and -set at the end of the routine.
-overwrite Overwrite the config file if it already exists.
-map Name of an alternative drive map file.
-verbose Show a verbose description of drive parameters being changed.
-warning Only generate a warning message if a drive parameter set fails.


C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqDriveConfig -server -get config.dc -map ..\Kollmorgen_S200.dm
C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqDriveConfig -set config.dc -node 0 -map ..\Glentek_Omega.dm
C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqDriveConfig -set config.dc -node 0 -drive 1 -map ..\Kollmorgen_PicoDAD.dm
C:Mei\03.03.00\Xmp\Bin\WinNT>sqDriveConfig -get config.dc -node 0 -map Kollmorgen_CD.dm


Case Sample

In this example, we have an XMP-SynqNet Controller with one node, an S200 drive. You can use the sqDriveConfig utility to download the appropriate drive parameters onto the drive.

First, use the -get command to create/overwrite a specified file which lists the drive's parameters. The -get command retrieves the parameters from the drive and writes the values to the file using the Kollmorgen_S200.dm file as a template.

NOTE: Verify that the .dm file is up-to-date and matches the drive firmware version.

Here is the output for the created s200.cfg file.

You can also manually change the parameters in the output file.

Be sure to Save your changes.

NOTE: Saving the changes in the output file does NOT load the changed parameters onto the drive. It only saves the modified file on your system.

To load the changes onto the drive, you must use the -set command. See screenshot below. To verify that the changed parameters have been loaded, use the -get command to retrieve the drive's parameters.


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