System Requirements for MechaWare 04.00.xx

MechaWare™ 4.0 leverages the power of third-party software development tools for creating custom control designs. This section describes these additional required software utilities and supported hardware for use with MechaWare 4.0.


The MechaWare distribution package is built for installation on PCs running recent versions of Windows XP and Vista operating systems. Once installed and ready for development of custom control models, the MechaWare block library is imported into the Simulink® IDE from MathWorks™.

Note: MechaWare requires specific Simulink® plug-ins described in the list below.

The MechaWare C++ API is used to programmatically modify and interface to the blocks through the application code. The API is designed for use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SP2. Although Visual Studio and C++ programming proficiency are not required for building block models, the API is an important part of the total MechaWare solution for optimum run-time performance.

Once the block diagram is complete, the model is downloaded onto the ZMP and eZMP motion controller hardware running the firmware versions listed below. MATLAB®, Simulink®, and MS Visual Studio are used for development and are not required on production systems.

For more information about system requirements for developing custom controls with MechaWare 4.0, contact Motion Engineering.


The following table provides the supported hardware for use with MechaWare 4.0.

Motion Controller ZMP-SynqNet

Note: XMP and eXMP SynqNet controllers are not supported.


The following table provides the required software versions for use with MechaWare 4.0.

MPI 04.00.01

MPI 03.04.xx is not supported.
Firmware Option Option 2, Option 20, Option 21, and Option 22
Matlab MechaWare built with Matlab Release 2008b
Matlab Plugins Simulink, Control System Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox
MS Visual Studio Visual Studio 2005 with Service Pack 2
Windows XP Note: vxWorks, RTX, and InTime operating systems are not supported.
Windows Vista


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