MoveAttrribute Enumeration

Motion attributes change the behavior of the standard motion commands. If no motion attributes are specified then the standard behavior of the motion command is generated.

Version History

Introduced in MPX 2.0.

Enumeration Values

MoveAttribute Description
None Performs no action

If this attribute is set all position values will be used as relative motion distances instead of final absolute positions.

For example. Without this attribute, a move beginning at position 1000 with a position parameter value of 2000 will move to position 2000. With this attribute, the final move position would have been 3000, a relative distance of 2000 counts from the starting value of 1000.


This attribute makes it possible to buffer several point-to-point motion profiles in the controller.

Repeatedly calling motion commands with this attribute will append the new motions to the previously commanded motions creating a sequence of different motions. When each of these motions complete a new Done event will be generated.


This attribute modifies the current motion.

Executing a motion command with this attribute ends the current motion (within two servo cycles), and replaces it with the new motion, while smoothly transitioning between the moves.

If the original move completes before the new modified move has time to start (reaches the Idle state) the new move will not start and return an error. The AutoStart attribute below can be used in conjunction with the Modify attribute in this condition.

AutoStart This attribute modifies the Modify action so that the new motion will automatically start, event if the State is Idle.

This attribute modifies a point-to-point move that uses more than one axis. If this attribute is set then all the axis moves are separate moves that will begin simultaneously.

See the description of Synchronized Attributes.


This attribute modifies a point-to-point move that uses more than one axis. This is a synchronised motion similar to SyncStart except that each of the axes will end simultaneously.

If SyncStart and SyncEnd are both specified then all the axes will start and stop at the same time with the motion of all the faster axes slowed down to match the time of the slowest axis.

See the description of Synchronized Attributes.


This bit prevents a motion profile from changing direction.

This attribute is only valid when combined with the Mpx.MoveAttribute.Modify attribute. When Mpx.MoveAttribute.NoReversal is specified, the motion in progress will not be modified if the modification would reverse the direction of motion.

Delay This attribute delays the start of motion. If specified for a non-synchronized move, the motion of all axes will be delayed by the amount of Motion.Delay. If it is specified for a synchronized move, then the motion of each axis will be delayed by the amount specified by its own Axis.Delay property.
Id This attribute adds an internal identification tag to the move. When the motion is executing, this identification tag can be read by some programs.
FinalVelocity This attribute modifies a synchronized point-to-point move so that the final velocity of each axis is Axis.FinalVelocity when the axis reaches the target position.
NotFinal This attribute is only valid for PVTF, PVT, PTF, and PT moves. When Mpx.MoveAttribute.NoReversal is specified, the list of points used to start motion will not complete the motion. The controller will expect the application to provide more points through the same motion method. To complete the motion, the Mpx.MoveAttribute.NoReversal attribute should be omitted on the final call to the motion method.

Not all of the different attributes are used by each of the motion commands. The following table shows which attributes are valid for which motion commands. If an attribute is specified for a move type for which it is not valid it will be ignored.

  Relative Append Modify AutoStart SyncStart SyncEnd Delay Id FinalVelocity
Trapizoidal x x x x x x x x x
SCurve x x x x x x x x x
SCurveJerk x x x x x x x x x
Velocity   x x x x   x x  
VelocityJerk   x x x x   x x  


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