typedef struct MPISqNodeConfigUserFault {
    int32_t            *addr;    /* firmware addr */
    uint32_t   mask;
    uint32_t   pattern;
} MPISqNodeConfigUserFault;


MPISqNodeConfigUserFault specifies the trigger conditions for a user defined input. The trigger condition can be configured for any controller address. When the masked value at the specified addr matches the pattern, the user fault is active. The user fault triggers a SynqNet node IoAbort if the userFault flag in MPISqNodeConfigIoAbort{} is enabled. The user fault also triggers an action for all the motors associated with the node. The userFaultAction is specified in the MPIMotorConfig{} structure.

*addr A pointer to a controller address.
mask A bit mask ANDed with the value at the controller address.
pattern A bit pattern compared to the masked value at the controller address. When the masked value equals the pattern, the user trigger is TRUE.

See Also

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