Message Objects


The Message module manages text strings associated with the error/warning code return values that can be returned from MPI methods. Each method return value has a unique value which can be decoded using the Message methods and macros.

For example, a return value of MPISynqNetMessagePLL_ERROR has a defined value of 0x192E. Passing this value to the mpiMessage(...) function returns the following text string:

"SynqNet: node PLL unable to lock with drive"

If MPISynqNetMessagePLL_ERROR was the last return value received from an MPI method, the string returned from mpiMessage(...) would also contain extended message information. The extended message information provides greater insight into the problem that has just occurred. In this case, the extended message information would indicate which node had the PLL locking problem:

"SynqNet: node PLL unable to lock with drive : Node 3"

Notice that the extended message information is delimited from the more generic message by a colon surrounded by spaces " : "

Extended message information may not always be returned. Extended information is only available for the very last return value from the MPI -- if a second (non-zero) return value has been returned between the time when the first return value was returned and the call to mpiMessage(...), then no extended information would be returned. In addition, not all messages return extended error information.


Configuration and Information Methods
mpiMessageFunction Associate message text with a function

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