typedef union {
    int32_t            signed32;
    int16_t           signed16;
    char            signed8;
    uint32_t   unsigned32;
    uint16_t  unsigned16;
    unsigned char   unsigned8;
    uint32_t   enumerated;
    uint32_t   hex;
    uint32_t   mask;
    char            character;
    char            string[MPIDriveMapParamMAX_STRING_LENGTH];
    float           single;
} MPIDriveMapParamValue;

Change History: Modified in the 03.03.00


The MPIDriveMapParamValue union holds the value of a drive parameter. The different fields allow this data type to hold all the different types of drive parameters. The MPISqNodeDriveParamType enumeration is used to identify which of the fields within the MPISqNodeDriveParamValue union to use.

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