typedef struct MPICompensatorInputAxis {
    int32_t                   axisNumber,
MPICompensatorRange range,
int32_t positionDelta, } MPICompensatorInputAxis;



This specifies the axis number of the compensating Axis object. The position from this Axis will be used to index a single dimension of the compensation table. This number must correspond to a valid (existing) and enabled Axis on the controller.


Used to configure the feedback positions along the compensation axis where compensation will start and end.


Spacing between compensation positions on the compensating axis:

positionDelta must meet some specifications:

  • positionDelta must be an exact multiple of the range (i.e. ((range.positionMax – range.positionMin) / positionDelta) must be an integer value).

  • positionDelta must be greater than zero.

  • positionDelta must be greater than (range.positionMax - range.positionMin).

See Also

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