typedef struct MPIUserLimitOutputCustom {
    void*             address;
    MPIDataType       dataType;
    MPIGeneric        value; /* discriminated union tagged by 'dataType' */
    union {
        unsigned long ui32;
    } mask;
} MPIUserLimitOutputCustom;


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Added in 04.00.


MPIUserLimitOutputCustom holds the data for a custom user limit output block.

Note: Unlike user limit events, the output structure is used every time the user limit evaluates to TRUE, not just when the user limit changes from a FALSE state to a TRUE state. 

address The controller memory address where the value being evalued resides.
dataType Indicates the data type of the comparison and of the data pointed to by address.

Note: The only valid values are MPIDataTypeSHORT, MPIDataTypeUSHORT, MPIDataTypeLONG, MPIDataTypeULONG, MPIDataTypeDOUBLE, MPIDataTypeINT64, and MPIDataTypeUINT64.
value The value to which the controller memory value is compared.
mask A bit mask used for 32-bit integer comparisons. This allows for comparisons of individual bits or a subset of bits.

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