Global Trace Outputs

There is a global 32-bit trace mask: the low 16 bits are the global trace output types, while the upper 16 bits are the per-object trace output types. Each object has a similar trace mask. The upper 16 bits of the global trace mask are not defined, but can be used to set the per-object output types for all objects. To enable all trace output types for all objects, set the global trace mask to all 1s (i.e., -1).

The MPITrace{...} enum (declared in trace.h) specifies the global types of trace output, i.e., the types of trace output that can be produced by any object or module. The MPITrace{...} enum defines constants that you use together as a bit mask. You specify the desired trace output as a combination (logical OR) of MPITrace{...} constants.

There are 16 possible types of global trace output, with 12 global trace outputs defined.

Output Type Displays
MPITraceFUNCTION_ENTRY Function name & calling parameters upon entry to function
MPITraceFUNCTION_RETURN Function name, calling parameters & return value upon exit from function
MPITraceMEMORY_ALLOC The Address & byte count when memory is dynamically allocated
MPITraceMEMORY_FREE The Address & byte count when dynamically allocated memory is freed
MPITraceMEMORY_GET Source address, destination address, byte count when reading XMP firmware memory
MPITraceMEMORY_SET Source address, destination address, byte count when writing XMP firmware memory
MPITraceVALIDATE Results of object validation
MPITraceLOCK_GIVE When a resource lock is released
MPITraceLOCK_TAKE When a resource lock is waited for & obtained
MPITraceEVENT When an XMP event is received
MPITraceALL All global trace outputs (lower 16 bits)

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