License Objects


The MEI runtime license specifies the number of axes which can run on the controller and which features or packages are available by MPI-based applications. As of MPI 4.0, MPI applications will check at runtime the license installed in the controller for the licensed axis count, expiration date (if any), and for authorized features such as MechaWare. If the license is not enabled, installed, or has expired, the MPI generates one of the MPILicenseMessage return codes, which may prevent your application from running.

The MEI runtime license is associated with the controller. In the future, MEI will ship controllers in an unlicensed state. To run MPI based appications, the MEI license activation utility needs to be run once for each controller in a system to program the controller with the license key specific to the controller. The license key is provided by MEI. Once the license is programmed into the controller, the license activation utility does not need to be run again unless the license has expired or the license needs upgrading for more axes or features. The controllerís license information is displayed by running the version.exe utility program or calling the mpiLicenseInfoText function.

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