mpiControlEventCallbackAddEx(MPIControl                  control,
                                MPIControlEventCallback     callback,
                                MPIThreadPriority           priority,
                                void			     *userData
                                MPIEventFilter*             *eventFilter);


Required Header: stdmpi.h

Change History: Updated in 04.00.01.


mpiControlEventCallbackAddEx adds an event callback function that is called when the MPIControl object processes new controller events by using the mpiControlProcessEvents(…) function call.

Note: mpiControlEventCallbackAddEx (...) allows duplicate callback and userData pairs.

control The controller to which to add an event callback.
callback The event callback function to add to the controller.
Priority The priority of the callback thread.
*userData A user-specified piece of data that is passed to the callback function. This piece of information can be the address of a C++ object in order to make the callback act as a callback functor (an object-based callback method).
eventFilter A pointer to a filter used to define how events are filtered before callback is called for events.

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